Indiana Grand Chapter Officers

Indiana Grand Chapter Officers
"Shining Lights of Faith" Grand Family
2017 - 2018

Only four (4) people can be contacted via email through this web site:
* Grand Secretary
* Star-Lite Editor
* Web Site Advisors to the Worthy Grand Matron.
All are marked with an asterisk (*) after their name.
All other email goes to the Web Site Advisors to the Worthy Grand Matron.
To receive email through the web site, specific permission must be emailed to a Web Site Advisor to the Worthy Grand Matron.

A complete list of all Grand Chapter Committee members can be found in the Documents section.

Name Position
Cynthia (Cindy) SkuraCynthia (Cindy) Skura Worthy Grand Matron
Cecil ScottCecil Scott Worthy Grand Patron
Diana SurfusDiana Surfus Associate Grand Matron
Les SimontonLes Simonton Associate Grand Patron
Jonny Beeler *Jonny Beeler * Grand Secretary
Barbara TerryBarbara Terry Grand Treasurer
Jennifer NicholsonJennifer Nicholson Grand Conductress
Gleda BrooksGleda Brooks Associate Grand Conductress
Robert DeRolfRobert DeRolf Grand Chaplain
Richard LassiterRichard Lassiter Grand Marshal
Debra BryantDebra Bryant Grand Organist
Julie PerkinsJulie Perkins Grand Adah
Angela HensellAngela Hensell Grand Ruth
Sheri AuldSheri Auld Grand Esther
Jennifer MansurJennifer Mansur Grand Martha
Cheryl PrittCheryl Pritt Grand Electa
Mary Jo DykhuisMary Jo Dykhuis Grand Warder
James RogersJames Rogers Grand Sentinel
Beulah JonesBeulah Jones Grand Secretary Emeritus

Star-Lite Magazine

Name Position
Felicia Jordan Director
Nancy Pratt * Editor
Amy Ogrentz Advisor
Gail Bailey Advisor

Star-Lite Division Chairpersons

Name Position
Steve Cooley Division 1
Barbara Heath Division 2
Cindy Lucas Division 3
Marie Palacios Division 4

Web Page Advisors to WGM/WGP

Name Position
Harold Rowe *
Larry Mills, PGP *

General Grand Chapter Committee Members from Indiana

Name Position
Patricia Endsley, PGM Cancer Committee
Catherine Randles, PGM Registration Committee
William Shoulders, PGP Youth Committee

O.E.S. Representative on the Masonic Home Board

Name Position
Loretta Riehl, PGM

Grand Choir

Name Position
Karen Lyness Director
Cheryl Kuritz Organist

Indiana Grand Chapter Trustees

Name Position
Catherine Randles, PGM Grand Trustee 2013 - 2018
Greg Onken, PGP Grand Trustee 2014 - 2019
Kathy Livings, PGM Grand Trustee 2015 - 2020
Robert Surber, PGP Grand Trustee 2016 - 2021
Elizabeth Lashley, PGM Grand Trustee 2017 - 2022