Worthy Grand Matron

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Other information:

Sister Cynthia "Cindy" Skura was born in Hammond, Indiana. She attended George Rogers Clark High School where she met her husband, Dave. They have two sons and one daughter. After moving to Griffith, Indiana, Cindy became active with the Suburban Bible Church where she helped coordinate mission activities. She enjoyed a long career in the banking industry before retiring in 2012. Cindy and Dave now have seven grandchildren and she enjoys knitting, reading and gardening to fill what spare time she has.


Cindy was initiated into Job's Daughters at the age of twelve so she could play on their softball team. She was Honored Queen in 1970. She joined Whiting Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, as soon as she was old enough and became active in the Chapter soon after. She was Worthy Matron for the first time in 1983/84 along with her Father, Charles, as Worthy Patron. She later served as Grand Representative of Pennsylvania in Indiana. After affiliating with Griffith Chapter she was asked to be Grand Page for Sister Cindy Cohee, PGM, and Brother Frank Norman, PGP in 2007. In 2012, she was asked to be the "Beach Bunny" Deputy for District 19 by Sister Sonda Shapson, PGM, and Brother Cary Hetrick, PGP. That same year, she was asked to represent the Red Ray as Grand Electa for the upcoming "Showers of Blessing" Grand Family by Sister Elizabeth Lashley, PGM, and Brother Darrel Arthur, PGP. She was then elected to Associate Grand Conductress, which put her on the path to become Worthy Grand Matron and lead our beautiful Order in Indiana along with her "Shining Lights of Faith" Grand Family.